Orientation and Transitions (OAT)

Mission Statement

The Office of Orientation and Transitions helps transition students into and through the university setting and encourages them in developing their God-given talents to help them remain in college, persist to graduation, and find God’s calling in their life through various programs.

Summer Orientation and Welcome Weekend: We desire for new students and their families to feel a sense of belonging, and we accomplish this by creating programs around university resources, expectations, university culture, and more.

Leadership Development: We desire to develop our student leaders’ sense of belonging through our leadership programs, Bridges leadership development program (based in San Francisco), mentorship, and intentional layers of support.

First-Year Experience: We desire to support all students’ sense of belonging in their first year at APU through Summer Orientation and Welcome Weekend programs and the Alpha program (orientation groups for both freshman students and transfer students).

Second-Year Experience: We desire second-year students to experience a sense of belonging through our program focused on sophomore students called APUTWO.

First-Generation Students: We desire first-generation college students to experience a sense of belonging through our program focused on first to graduate students called F1RST.

The Office of Orientation and Transitions oversees a variety of programs and activities that help students excel during their time at APU, with the belief that each and every student:

  • Has been uniquely created by God.

  • Has been specifically and intentionally gifted by God to accomplish an important purpose.

  • Has been strategically placed by God in our sphere of influence for an important reason.

  • Already has within him/her all of the strengths and talents he/she needs to achieve and persist to graduation.

  • Will benefit through knowing his/her strengths and how to apply them in order to achieve his/her true levels of excellence and fulfill God’s plan for his/her life.

  • Will be most successful when given a greater sense of belonging, opportunities to practice self-efficacy, and tools to shape perspective-taking.