Mexico Outreach

Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip, empower, and engage individuals to help advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s work in Mexico and around the world.

About Mexico Outreach

Since 1970, Mexico Outreach has mobilized APU students and groups from the United States and Canada to serve in Mexico. These short-term mission trips help foster the legacy and effectiveness of long-term partnerships within and across cultures. Our core mission is to work alongside ministries and organizations in Mexicali, Mexico, that have devoted themselves to lovingly showing Christ and reaching their communities, which face great physical and spiritual poverty. 

APU students have the opportunity to lead or join more than 25 teams and serve side by side with our Mexican ministry partners. For nearly five decades, these trips have remained a highlight and transformational outreach experience for many APU students. Service credits are offered for participation in these events. 


Thanksgiving Break (5 days) | Midsemester Break (7 days)

These trips offer outreach and ministry opportunities for APU and other college students to worship and work jointly with Mexican ministries. Review the following list of Mexico Action Teams to discover where you may feel led to serve. For information on dates, prices, and online applications, visit the Mexico Outreach website.

  • Drama Team: This ministry uses creative arts to provide inspirational and evangelical drama messages to churches, orphanages, parks, and elderly homes so that hearts may be opened by a different method of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Holistic Care Teams: These are healthcare teams that focus on reviving the body, mind, and spirit of forgotten people groups in Mexico. They include Refugio De Amor (mental health), Carlos Canseco (elderly care), and Estancia Educativa Integral de Autismo (Autistic Children). Students focus on the relational development of the whole person by taking into consideration the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each individual.
  • Kids’ Ministry Teams: Throughout the year, APU students are invited to join the local church in its efforts to share the love of Jesus through programs intentionally geared toward engaging children and youth. Teams partner with the Mexican church in its mission to reach the community of Mexicali for Christ, specifically children in neighboring areas. Kids’ ministry teams also engage with nearby public schools, helping build bridges between the local church and public schools.
  • Men’s and Women’s Prison Teams: Students visit gender-specific prisons to spend time and interact with prisoners through sports, relationship building, and the sharing of testimonies of Jesus’ work in their lives.
  • Men’s and Women’s Rehab Teams: These teams partner with centers that help rehabilitate men and women from drugs and alcohol. Transformational occurrences take place and healing is brought to people who are broken as students aim to instill the hope of Christ within them forever.
  • Men’s and Women’s Migrant Shelter: Students have a unique opportunity to work with displaced men, women, and children who have been deported from the U.S. to Mexico and are left at the border with very little or no means of support. The ministry of Alfa y Omega continues to be a bridge of hope in the midst of despair.
  • Orphanage Teams: Through a variety of activities, and simply in spending time with these children, the orphanage team promotes their physical, emotional, and spiritual development. Students partner with local orphanages to provide an atmosphere that builds faith in God for children of less-fortunate circumstances.
  • Smith and Engstrom Team: This is a team of men that encourages service and brotherhood. Freshmen men are urged to rise up to the challenge of serving and loving one another using whatever talents God has given them to benefit the community of Mexicali. Work ranges from physical labor to relational work and is focused upon a heart of service that is willing to go anywhere there is need.
  • Team Barnabas: People on this team serve as supporters of other Mexico Action Teams through intentional encouragement and prayer. In addition, Team Barnabas visits APU sites, interacts with local ministries, and plays a critical role in the infrastructure of the camp.  
  • Team Ezra: Students on Team Ezra provide security and infrastructure to our base camp on a 24-hour basis. In addition, Team Ezra seeks to be a positive presence to the youth who surround our camp, and is actively involved in embracing these children with love. This team is a part of the event staff, and includes a $100 discount for its members.
  • Team Luke – Public Health Teams:  Students interested in the medical field work alongside medical professionals by providing health education and healthcare fairs in the neighborhoods around Mexicali. They also provide public health education seminars to junior high and high school students within various public schools in Mexicali.   
  • Team Nehemiah: Students provide integral support through camp setup and teardown, general maintenance, and preparation and cooking of meals daily to all the ministry teams serving during the trip. Additionally, Team Nehemiah serves in an environment that is conducive to the building of intentional relationships between APU students and staff. This team is a part of the event staff, and includes a $100 discount for its members.
  • Team Noah (Construction): This team serves in churches, missionary medical facilities, and other locations, assisting in the construction of buildings, houses, storage units, or other needs voiced by the community members of Mexicali.
  • Team Stephen: This team centers around humility and service, and strives to develop the community of Mexico through partnership with the city of Mexicali and the students of APU. Team Stephen seeks to transform the physical aspect of the community through park and street restoration projects, and also to transform the spirit of the community by providing a tangible example of Christ’s love.
  • Women’s Rehab: Students serve at a rehab center that ministers to women coming out of drug or alcohol abuse. This ministry team comes alongside the staff and participates in devotions, beauty sessions, Zumba workouts, and prayer opportunities.
  • Women’s Shelter – CAVIM: This women’s ministry focuses on serving women and their children through relationship building, sharing personal testimonies, praying for one another, and engaging in crafts and other activities with the women. Women who come here seek asylum from abusive and difficult backgrounds. The goal of this team is to offer support, encouragement, and hope for a better future.
  • Women’s Shelter – VIFAC: This women’s ministry helps pregnant women by way of relationship building, sharing personal testimonies, praying for one another, and engaging in crafts and other activities with the women. The mission of VIFAC is to promote life and family and encourage mothers experiencing unexpected pregnancies.

Ministry Brigades (Weekend Trips)

Several weekend trips to Mexico are offered each semester to provide students with opportunities to engage with local ministry partners and communities where ongoing ministry relationships can be fostered. Students are empowered to serve alongside ministry partners in the following areas: kids’ ministry, community service projects, orphanages, public health, elderly and mental health care organizations, and the autism center. For more information, visit the Mexico Outreach website.