American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI)

The ALCI team administers and teaches extensive English language and cultural programs, including tutoring and mentoring, to all international students for whom English is a second language. Through the program, international students acquire necessary skills to function and compete within the American university environment. ALCI also offers opportunities for American and international students to develop leadership and cross-cultural skills. To assist second-language learners, ALCI offers limited hours weekly in writing consultations. Contact the Writing Center for appointments, and learn more about ALCI’s admission policy.

American International Mentoring (AIM) Program

The American International Mentoring program partners students of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds for mutual benefit. Domestic students grow from learning about different countries and cultures through interaction with international students, and international students have a greater chance to learn about American culture, especially at APU. Both partners receive cross-cultural leadership training during the experience.

AIM strives to foster lifelong friendships in Christ. As international and American students bond in friendship, the students use Jesus as a role model for sharing the love of Christ.