Certificate of Distinction in Theology

24 units

The Certificate of Distinction in Theology acknowledges the achievement of theology majors who exhibit a mastery of theology coursework in preparation for graduate study by maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or better in 24 units of upper-division work in theology, Church history, or the history of philosophy from the following list:

Required Senior Seminar
THEO 496Senior Seminar: Theology and Social Issues 13
Additional Units
Complete 12 additional units of 400-level coursework in theology or Church history or 300-level coursework in history of philosophy.12
Required Emphasis
Complete 9 units (not used above) from one of three emphases:9
Church History Emphasis
Select three of the following:
Seminar in Church History
Writing 3: The Formation of Early Christianity 2
Writing 3: American Christianity 2
Writing 3: The History of Christian Spirituality 2
Global Christianity 3
Christian Traditions
Systematic Theology Emphasis
Select three of the following:
The Theology of John Wesley
Theologians and Theological Movements
Doctrinal Theology
Theological Ethics
Theology from the Margins 3
Topics in Systematic Theology
History of Philosophy Emphasis
Select three of the following:
History of Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
History of Early Modern Philosophy
History of 19th and 20th Century Philosophy
Total Units24