Certificate of Distinction in Philosophy

33-35 Units

The Certificate of Distinction in Philosophy recognizes that a student has achieved a superior mastery of courses that provide a strong basis for graduate study in philosophy and demonstrate the student’s ability to think critically within a specialized area of philosophy. To receive the Certificate of Distinction in Philosophy, students must complete 33-35 units from the list below with a grade-point average of 3.5 or better.

PHIL 220Introduction to Philosophy 1,23
PHIL 310Formal Logic3
PHIL 315History of Ancient Philosophy 23
PHIL 320History of Early Modern Philosophy 23
PHIL 330Ethics3
PHIL 340Concepts of Human Nature 33
Select one of the following:3
Select 12-14 units of any PHIL upper-division courses not being used to satisfy the required courses above. At least 6 of these units must be at the 400-level. 412-14
Total Units33-35

Meets the General Education Philosophy requirement.


HUM 224 may be taken in exchange for PHIL 220. HUM 224 is 3 units on the Azusa campus, 4 units on the High Sierra campus. HUM 324 may be taken in exchange for PHIL 315 or PHIL 320.


Meets the General Education Upper-division Writing 3 requirement.


PHIL 301 and PHIL 303 do not count for this elective requirement. PHIL 360 covers various topics and may be repeated for a total of 6 units within the 12 units of electives. PHIL 451 and PHIL 452 meet the General Education Intercultural Competence requirement.