Religious Studies Minor

18 units

We are participants of a global community. From our next-door neighbors to our coworkers, our community partners to our global interactions, we are becoming involved with people from all over the world as never before. Religious studies minors leave APU with a greater ability to engage the world from a place of sincere Christian faith, awareness, and praxis.

Mission Statement

The religious studies minor offers courses in global religious studies, employing a dialogical perspective that invites conversation between Christians and people from non-Christian religious traditions. This program prepares undergraduate students for responsible understanding of, and engagement with, people of a variety of global religious traditions in order to be faithful, well-informed, and culturally sensitive participants in intercultural and interreligious dialogue.


The religious studies minor consists of 3 lower-division (RELG 200) and 15 upper-division RELG units (five courses)—GLBL 345 may also be used as 3 of the 15 upper-division units (only one global studies course can be used for the religious studies minor). Traditional prerequisites, if required, must be met for each course. Courses cannot be double counted for a major and a minor. 

Students must achieve a 2.5 cumulative GPA for all courses required for this minor.

RELG 200World Religions 13
Select 15 units from the following:15
Introduction to Judaism 1
Introduction to Islam 1
Introduction to Hinduism and South Asian Traditions 1
Introduction to Buddhism and East Asian Traditions 1
Special Topics in the History of Religion
Special Topics Seminar-Contemporary Christianity and Religious Studies
Religious Studies Capstone Course
Urban Religious Movements
Total Units18