Biblical Studies Minor

18 units

The minor consists of UBBL 230, 12 upper-division units in biblical studies (300-level UBBL General Education course requirement is included in the 12 upper-division units), and either UBBL 100 or an additional upper-division biblical studies course. Students may also include upper-division Greek or Hebrew.

UBBL 230Luke/Acts 13
UBBL 100Introduction to Biblical Literature: Exodus/Deuteronomy (or Any Additional Upper Division Bible Course) 13
Select 12 units from the following:12
I and II Samuel 2
Old Testament Prophets 2
Hebrew Poetical and Wisdom Literature 2
Life and Teachings of Jesus 2
Romans and Galatians 2
Thessalonian and Corinthian Epistles 2
Biblical Lands and Cultures 3
Near Eastern Archaeology
Archaeological Field Excavation 4
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Biblical World
Prison and Pastoral Epistles
The General Epistles
Old Testament World
New Testament World
Old Testament Theology
New Testament Theology
The Religious Development of Israel
Biblical Apocalyptic
Writing 3: Women in the Biblical Tradition 5
History of Biblical Interpretation
Global Biblical Interpretation 3
Postcolonial Biblical Interpretation
Senior Seminar: Biblical Theology and Ethics 6
Directed Research
Intermediate Greek I
Intermediate Greek II
Greek Readings
Intermediate Hebrew I
Intermediate Hebrew II
Hebrew Readings
Total Units18

Meets the General Education Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Formation requirement.


Meets the General Education Upper Division Bible requirement.


Meets the General Education Intercultural Competence requirement.


Does not meet the General Education Upper Division Bible requirement.


Meets the General Education Writing 3 requirement. 


Meets the General Education Integrative and Applied Learning requirement.