Minor in International Health Nursing for the Traditional BSN Program

Students interested in expanding their global perspective on health and nursing care may apply to participate in either a short-term transcultural health nursing experience, an international health nursing semester, or the international health nursing minor. Accepted students will complete additional coursework, and a study plan will be developed by the student and advisor. This minor is under revision to meet the 18-unit university requirement. Contact the School of Nursing for the proposed study plan. International health nursing courses include:

UNRS 282-XXTranscultural Health Nursing – Country Specific3
UNRS 383-XXInternational Health Nursing – Country Specific3-5
HIST 235-XXCultural History – Country Specific3
GLBL 355-XXPrinciples of Community Engagement – Country Specific3
MODL 101Modern Language I (For example: Intro to Zulu or Mandarin) 1TBD

A country-specific language course is recommended prior to the study abroad experience. This course is taken in addition to the GRE foreign language requirement.