B.A. in Business Management

55 units


Preparation for a business career requires a deep appreciation for and a sound understanding of the marketplace. Thus the Bachelor of Arts in Business Management program is designed for those who seek a broad spectrum of business courses or wish to combine several fields. This program develops competence in conceptual, human, and technical skills, and these skills—developed through a well-chosen sequence of electives—make those completing the program well prepared for employment in public- and private-sector organizations.

Career Opportunities

Coursework in general business management includes a fundamental system of values that serves as the basis for decision making. Students are prepared upon graduation for first-line management positions such as supervisor and team or shift leader. This degree also prepares and equips students for staff specialist or general administration positions. Students may enter into a wide range of industries, including retail and sales, commercial banking, real estate, savings and loan associations, entertainment, and more. Some graduates begin new ventures, operate small businesses, develop new products, or return to the family business.


The Bachelor of Arts in Business Management comprises 55 units. Students must achieve an average GPA of 2.5 or higher in their major courses (this includes the Business Core).

Business Core Courses
ACCT 120Principles of Accounting I4
ACCT 121Principles of Accounting II3
MATH 130Introduction to Statistics 13
MGMT 210Principles of Management3
BUSI 240Introduction to Information Systems3
ECON 250Principles of Macroeconomics 23
ECON 251Principles of Microeconomics3
MKTG 260Principles of Marketing3
BUSI 296Business Law3
FIN 300Business Finance for Managers3
or FIN 320 Principles of Corporate Finance
BUSI 370International Business 33
MGMT 448Organizational and Administrative Behavior 43
MGMT 450Strategic Management 53
Business Management Courses
MGMT 410Production Management3
MGMT 445Human Resource Management3
Business Management Electives
Select three of the following:9
Personal Finance
Business and Entrepreneurship
Business Internship
Leadership In Management
Managing Teams and Groups
Real Estate Management
Total Units55