Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The B.A. in Psychology program helps students learn about human behavior through critical thinking skills, gain experience in methods of research, and conduct scientific inquiries. Students who complete the program are well equipped to pursue graduate education and careers in clinical/counseling areas in psychology, child life, and a variety of applied and allied areas in psychology (e.g., organizational psychology, educational psychology, and social work). 

43 units

The core requirements of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology give students a grounding in the primary areas of the discipline and an understanding of the basics of human behavior. Students must achieve an average GPA of 2.0 in the courses counted for the psychology major or minor.

Prerequisite Courses
Introduction to Statistics 1
Fundamentals of Biology (BIOL 151 Recommended) 2
General Biology I
Core Courses22
General Psychology 3, 4
Data Analysis in Psychology
Writing 2: Psychology Subdisciplines and Career Trajectories 5
Human Growth and Development 4
Introduction to Brain and Behavior
Writing 3: Research Methods in Psychology 6
Senior Seminar: Psychology and Christian Integration 1
Guided Electives
Beyond core requirements, students complete the major by choosing courses among four domains of guided electives:
Domain A: Social/Cultural/Systems Psychology6
Choose 2 courses from the following:
Social Psychology
History of Psychology
Health Psychology
Community Psychology
Multicultural Psychology 7
Psychology of Religion
Psychology of the Family
Domain B: Neurocognitive Psychology3
Choose one course from the following:
Psychology of Learning
Bilingualism, Biculturalism, and Cognition
Cognitive Neuroscience
Neurological and Behavioral Disorders
Domain C: Subdisciplinary Courses 9
Choose three courses from the following:
Abnormal Psychology (Required)
Sports Psychology
Psychology of Child and Adolescent Development
Psychology of Adult Development
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Psychology of Conflict Management and Mediation
Psychology of Personality
Psychology of Exceptional Children
Group Process
Intervention Strategies with Children
Psychosocial Interventions in Pediatric Health Care
Drugs, Behavior, and Society
Psychological Testing and Measurement
Stress and Coping
Professional Studies in Child Life
Special Topics in Psychology
Directed Research
Domain D: Applied Integrative Learning3
Choose one course from the following:
Field Experience 8
Research Experience 8
Total Units43

Meets the General Education Quantitative Literacy requirement.


Meets the General Education Natural Science requirement.


An AP Psychology score of 3, 4, or 5 will be accepted for PSYC 110.


Meets the General Education Social Science requirement.


Meets the General Education Writing 2 requirement. 


Meets the General Education Writing 3 requirement. 


Meets the General Education Intercultural Competence requirement.  


Meets the General Education Integrative and Applied Learning requirement.