Acting for the Stage and Screen Major (BFA)

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Acting for the Stage and Screen will be able to do the following:

PLO 1: Artistry: Integrate the techniques and skills needed to become a professional actor (THTR 171THTR 200, THTR 201, THTR 260THTR 271, THTR 301, THTR 440)

PLO 2: Professional Development: Construct professional materials and audition pieces to compete in the business of acting (THTR 216, THTR 221, THTR 222, THTR 223, THTR 224, THTR 361, THTR 371, THTR 471, THTR 472)

PLO 3: Knowledge: Defend the role that acting as an art form plays historically and in contemporary culture (CINE 285THTR 173, THTR 250, THTR 273, THTR 225, THTR 226THTR 374, THTR 423)

PLO 4: Analysis: Develop analytical approaches to on-camera and theatrical performance (THTR 171, THTR 271, THTR 273, THTR 361, THTR 371)

PLO 5: Faith Integration: Identify the contribution and impact of Christian faith and practice in performance (THTR 250, THTR 365)

63 units

The BFA in Acting for the Stage and Screen is a four-year cohort degree program. All acting, voice, and movement courses have prerequisites, and students must take courses with their cohort in sequence.

Students must earn a 2.0 in each of their major courses and meet policies outlined in the Theater Arts handbook. Failure to do so can result in probation.

Film and Theater History Courses
CINE 285History of Film 13
THTR 225History of Theater to the 19th Century 23
THTR 226History of Theater: 19th Century to the Present3
Technical Theater Courses (6 units)
THTR 223Theatrical Makeup3
THTR 216Performance and Production (BFA Practicum) 32
THTR 216Performance and Production (Crew) 41
Theater Electives
Select two of the following:6
Theatrical Sets and Properties
Theatrical Lighting and Sound
Theatrical Management and Production
Theater for Social Change 5
Writing 3: Playwriting 6
Musical Theater Workshop
Voice and Movement Courses
THTR 200Beginning Voice for the Actor 72
THTR 201Beginning Movement for the Actor2
THTR 250Intermediate Voice for the Actor 72
THTR 251Intermediate Movement for the Actor2
THTR 260Advanced Voice for the Actor2
THTR 301Advanced Movement for the Actor2
Acting Courses
THTR 171Acting Fundamentals for the Stage3
THTR 173Improvisation for the Actor3
THTR 271Intermediate Acting for the Stage3
THTR 273Acting Shakespeare 13
THTR 361Acting Fundamentals for the Screen3
THTR 371Intermediate On-Camera Scene Study3
THTR 471Advanced Acting for the Camera3
THTR 472Business of Acting/Hollywood Showcase 83
Performance Courses6
Performance and Production 9
Total Units63