Screenwriting Major (BFA)

76 units

Students with a passion for storytelling embrace the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Screenwriting, which equips them to write for mainstream Hollywood films and television series. After learning the basics of production, students dive into an intensive sequence of courses that takes them from Aristotelian principles of story through the structural elements found in the hero’s journey and Snyder’s beats. The program culminates in writing original screenplays or pilots that are often pitched to be produced as student films by APU’s nationally recognized, award-winning production teams.

CINE 101Christianity and the Creative Process 13
CINE 119Introduction to Directing3
CINE 216Performance and Production (Production Crew/Writers Room)3
WRIT 220Writing 2: Film Analysis and Criticism 23
CINE 260Cinema-TV Production I5
CINE 274Story and Character3
CINE 280Writing the Short Screenplay3
CINE 295Film and Television Business3
CINE 361Production Management3
CINE 362Entertainment Development3
CINE 375Writing 3: Screenwriting 33
CINE 385Intermediate Screenwriting3
CINE 475Civic Engagement Through Media 43
CINE 485Advanced Screenwriting3
CINE 490Internship3
CINE 496Ethics in Cinematic Arts3
CINE 497Career Preparation for Cinematic Arts3
CINE 499Capstone Project in Cinematic Arts (Screenwriting) 53
Select one of the following:3
Film and Literature 6
Theology and the Christian Life (Faith and the Arts) 7
Select one of the following:3
History of Television and Digital Media 1
History of Film 1
Select one of the following:3
Film and Social Issues 8
World Cinema 8
Select one of the following:3
Topics in Cinema and History
Contemporary Auteurs
Genre Studies
Topics in Film Analysis
Select two of the following:6
Sketch Comedy for the Writer/Performer
Television Writing: Episodic Drama
Television Writing: Situation Comedy
Select one of the following:3
Production Development
Writing 3: Nonfiction Writing for Visual Media
Capstone Production Development
Special Topics (Screenwriting)
Writing 3: Playwriting 3
Total Units77