Digital Gaming and Interactive Media Major

61 units

This program is scheduled to begin in Fall 2019.

CINE 111Digital Methods2
CINE 123Game Development and Design Fundamentals3
CINE 124Game Engine Fundamentals: Unreal Engine3
CINE 186Action Analysis [Proposed]2
CINE 190Introduction to Animation Principles and Techniques3
CINE 1922D Character Animation3
CINE 203Introduction to CG Animation [Proposed]3
CINE 205CG Character Animation [Proposed]3
CINE 206History and Theory of Games3
CINE 207Gameplay Programming [Proposed]3
CINE 208Intermediate Game Development and Design [Proposed]3
CINE 209Story and Character Development in Gaming [Proposed]3
CINE 210Engine Tool Development [Proposed]3
CINE 305Visual Development [Proposed]3
CINE 309Environment Design and Lighting (Interior and Exterior) [Proposed]3
CINE 310Sound Design for Gaming [Proposed]3
CINE 311Advanced Game Development and Design [Proposed]3
CINE 312Virtual Reality Development [Proposed]3
CINE 313Multiplayer Game Development [Proposed]3
CINE 390CG Production Modeling [Proposed]3
CINE 499Capstone Project in Cinematic Arts3
Total Units61