Art History Minor

18 units

The art history minor prepares students to develop a broad understanding of the meaning and purposes of visual communication, while promoting critical engagement and attaining knowledge of historically significant ideas and objects. The study of history, philosophy, and criticism related to art prepares individuals to embark upon careers in art, business, medicine, theology, education, design, and social sciences, in addition to graduate education. The art history minor requires that students complete 18 units from the following list of art history classes:

ART 354Ancient Art History 13
ART 356Writing 3: History of Modern Art 23
ART 357Contemporary Art Trends 13
ART 358History of Graphic Design and Illustration3
ART 359Women In Art3
ART 361Early Christian and Medieval Art 13
ART 362Renaissance to Rococo Art 13
ART 475Art Internship1-4
ART 495Special Topics in Art3
ART 497Readings1-4
ART 498Directed Research1-4
HUM 223Core Texts in Aesthetics 1,33-4
HUM 323Core Texts in Aesthetics 1,33-4

Meets the General Education Humanities: Fine Arts requirement.


Meets the General Education Writing 3 requirement.


HUM 223 and HUM 323 are offered for 3 units on the Azusa campus, and 4 units at the High Sierra Semester.