Mathematics Minor

Students interested in the mathematics minor may also wish to consider the statistics minor. Students are permitted to earn both minors.  

Requirements 1
MATH 161Calculus I5
MATH 162Calculus II4
Select at least 12 units from below. At least two courses must be chosen at the 200 level.
Multivariable Calculus
Ordinary Differential Equations
Discrete Mathematics and Proof
Linear Algebra 2
Applied Linear Algebra 2
Probability and Statistics I
Partial Differential Equations
Dynamical Systems
Number Theory
Abstract Algebra
Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering
Real Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Complex Analysis
Advanced Topics in Mathematics
Total Units21

Students earning the mathematics major or applied mathematics major are not eligible to receive the mathematics minor.  


It is not permitted to count both MATH 290 and MATH 295 toward the mathematics minor.