Liberal Studies Major

The liberal studies major gives broad coverage in the liberal arts, with students earning units from the following areas: language/literature, mathematics, science, social sciences, humanities, visual/performing arts, physical education, human development, religion, and a subject concentration (depth of study). All 62 units of General Education requirements are met by completing the liberal studies major. Depending upon the subject concentration selected, students may enrich their program with one or more electives of their choice. Core and concentration courses require a minimum grade of (2.0 GPA), but note that students must maintain an overall B (3.0) average in all core courses. The minimum number of units required for graduation is 120. Transfer students should contact the Liberal Studies office for appropriate advising and course requirements that may differ from the program below.


Intellectual and Practical Skills
COMM 111Public Communication3
FFL 121Fitness for Life: Dance for the Theater2
GE 100First-Year Seminar (Liberal Studies sections)3
MATH 110College Algebra3
WRIT 110Writing 1: The Art and Craft of Writing3
Writing 23
Foreign Language 18
Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Formation
MIN 108Christian Life, Faith, and Ministry3
PHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy3
UBBL 100Introduction to Biblical Literature: Exodus/Deuteronomy3
UBBL 230Luke/Acts3
Select one of the following:3
Core Texts in Christianity
Faith and the Arts
Theology and the Christian Life
Church History: Apostolic Era to the Eve of the Reformation
Church History from the Eve of the Reformation to the Present
Select one of the following:3
I and II Samuel
Old Testament Prophets
Ruth and Esther
Hebrew Poetical and Wisdom Literature
Life and Teachings of Jesus
Johannine Literature
Romans and Galatians
Thessalonian and Corinthian Epistles
Biblical Lands and Cultures
Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World
BIOL 101Fundamentals of Biology4
ENGL 111Studies in Literature3
HIST 121World Civilizations Since 16483
Core Requirements
ART 310Fundamental Art Experiences 23
BIOL 400Science and Children4
EDLS 405Diversity in the Classroom 33
EDLS 495Foundations of Education Capstone 43
EDLS 496Writing 3: Education and Professional Ethics 53
ENGL 434Children's Literature3
HIST 202United States History to 1930 63
MATH 201Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teachers3
MUS 432Music in the Elementary Schools3
PE 450Physical Education in Elementary Schools, K-63
PSYC 290Human Growth and Development 73
Select one of the following:4
Introduction to Teaching as a Profession K-12 8
Introduction to Teaching as a Profession 7-12 8
Additional Requirements
ENGL 402Principles of Language3
HIST 201World Civilizations and Geography to 16483
HIST 338History of California3
PHYC 115Physical Science for Teachers3
PHYC 125Earth Science Concepts and Applications3
THTR 115Introduction to Theater 23
Select one concentration from the list below.12-20
Total Units121-129

Art Concentration

Required Courses
ART 145Drawing I3
ART 146Painting I3
Select one of the following:3
History of Ancient Art and Architecture 1
Writing 3: History of Modern Art and Architecture 2
History of Contemporary Art and Architecture 1
History of Early Christian and Medieval Art and Architecture 1
History of Renaissance to Rococo Art and Architecture 1
Select one of the following:3
Ceramics I
Sculptural Objects and Functional Art
Multicultural Art 1
Upper-division Elective
ART 430Applied Design 31-4
or any upper-division ART course
Total Units13-16

English Concentration

Required Courses
ENGL 404Approaches to Grammar (prerequisite of ENGL 402; fall only)3
ENGL 406Writing 3: Advanced Composition 13
Select one of the following:3
World Literature to the Renaissance 2
World Literature Since the Renaissance 2
American Literature to 1865 2
Select one of the following:3
American Literature Since 1865 2
Shakespeare 2
American Novel
Social and Psychological Aspects of Language
Total Units12

Math Concentration

See the Department of Mathematics and Physics for updated schedules.

Note: Students must begin their mathematics coursework at the level for which they qualify as determined by their SAT/ACT score, previous university coursework, or the APU mathematics placement assessment. Some students will require one or more courses prior to calculus.   

Required Courses
MATH 110College Algebra 1, 23
MATH 165Calculus I3
MATH 340Geometry (spring only; prerequisite of MATH 166; ask dept. for prereq code)3
Choose one of the following:3
Introduction to Statistics 2
Probability and Statistics I (spring only; prerequisite of MATH 166; ask dept. for prereq code)
Choose 6 units from the following:6
Calculus II
Data Analysis (fall only)
Multivariable Calculus
Ordinary Differential Equations
Discrete Mathematics and Proof
Linear Algebra (spring only) 3
Applied Linear Algebra (fall only) 3
Number Theory (odd falls only)
Total Units18

Music Concentration

Required Courses
MUS 101Beginning Voice Class1
MUS 103Beginning Piano Class 11
MUS 104Elementary Piano Class 11
MUS 110Elementary Guitar Methods1
MUS 121Music Theory I 23
MUS 122Music Theory II3
MUS 133Practical Musicianship I1
MUS 134Practical Musicianship II1
MUS 201Introduction to World Music 33
MUS 250Music and Civilization3
Total Units18

Physical Education Concentration Option I1

KIN 242Fundamental Principles of Fitness3
KIN 290Human Movement Science3
KIN 306Sociological and Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity and Sport3
PE 237Methods of Teaching Rhythmic and Multicultural Activities (spring only)3
PE 250Methods of Teaching Individual Sports (fall only)2
PE 252Methods of Teaching Team Sports (spring only)3
PE 452Adapted Physical Education (prerequisite of KIN 290 and PE 450)3
Total Units20

Physical Education Concentration Option II1

Select one of the following: 3
Motor Development and Learning
Human Movement Science
PE 451Methods in Physical Education: 7-12 23
PE 452Adapted Physical Education3
PE 600Physical Education Teaching Methods for Individuals with Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities3
PE 602Physical Education Teaching Methods for Individuals with Severe-to-Profound Disabilities3
PE 605Management of Adapted Physical Education Programs3
Total Units18

Psychology Concentration (School Psychology)

 PSYC 290 and MATH 130 are prerequisite courses for the upper-division courses in this concentration.

PSYC 110General Psychology 13
MATH 130Introduction to Statistics 23
PSYC 345Psychology of Child and Adolescent Development 1, 33
PSYC 360Abnormal Psychology 33
PSYC 410Psychology of Exceptional Children 33
PSYC 480Psychological Testing and Measurement 3, 43
Total Units18

Science Concentration Option I

BIOL 151General Biology I 14
BIOL 152General Biology II4
CHEM 123General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry for the Health Sciences 14
PHYC 140Introduction to Astronomy 14
PHYC 151Physics for Life Sciences I 14
Total Units20

Science Concentration Option II

BIOL 250Human Anatomy4
BIOL 251Human Physiology4
CHEM 123General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry for the Health Sciences 14
PHYC 151Physics for Life Sciences I 14
Total Units16

Social Science Concentration

POLI 150American Government 13
Select one of the following:3
Modern Africa
Colonial Latin America
Comparative Politics
History and Politics of the Non-Western World
Select two of the following:6
History of American Foreign Affairs (spring only)
Medieval Europe (fall only)
Renaissance and Reformation
Enlightenment Europe
Europe 1789-1914
Europe 1914-1992
Colonial Era
Civil War and Reconstruction
Modern America
Modern American Intellectual History
Total Units12

Spanish Concentration

SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN 301Spanish Conversation and Community (fall only) 1, 23
WRIT 204Writing 2: Writing for the Humanities in Spanish (spring only) 33
Select one of the following: 1, 4, 53
Survey of Spanish Literature
Survey of Latin American Literature
Literary Masters 6
Total Units15

Special Education Concentration

EDLS 303Introduction to Special Populations (fall only)3
EDLS 304Introduction to Teaching Special Populations (spring only)3
PSYC 110General Psychology 13
PSYC 410Psychology of Exceptional Children 23
PSYC 430Intervention Strategies with Children 23
Total Units15