Vocational Development Minor


The minor in Vocational Development is for students who seek to explore and discern vocational calling for themselves and others while pursuing a chosen major.

Program Learning Goals

Successful graduates of the minor in vocational development will:

  1. Demonstrate a growing understanding of how God has uniquely created her or him in relation to personal gifts and strengths.
  2. Explain a commitment to and a personal plan for becoming a person of virtuous character.
  3. Articulate how God is at work in their chosen field and how s/he can contribute to that work.
  4. Outline a personal career plan with clear timelines and action steps.
  5. Skillfully utilize resources, competencies, and skills to help others understand and pursue a vocational calling.

Program Requirements

LDRS 322Leadership Strengths and Skills3
LDRS 303Career and Life Planning3
LDRS 311Leadership Values and Virtues3
VOC 200Exploring Vocation 13
VOC 450Interdisciplinary Internship 23
VOC 499Interdisciplinary Capstone 3
Total Units18

Meets the General Education Civic Knowledge and Engagement requirement.


Meets the General Education Integrative and Applied Learning requirement.