History Major

42 units


History is the study of the human record of the human past. As an academic discipline, history is comprehensive insofar as it records and explains the development, causes, and effects over time of all other disciplines. Thoughtful study of the past provides a necessary perspective for making judgments in the present. It instructs the student in human possibilities and limits. Course offerings include studies in American, European, and world history, as well as focused studies of various historical themes and different regions.   

Career Opportunities

The history major prepares students for careers calling for clear and logical reasoning, the ability to analyze complex relations between cause and effect, well-developed writing skills, and familiarity with other cultures and times. The most common vocational pursuits include teaching, law, government service, and careers as archivists, researchers, librarians, museum curators, and consultants. 

Program Learning Goals

This program prepares students who are able to:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the major events in American history.
  • Describe and analyze the main features of major world civilizations.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of primary and secondary historical source material.
  • Articulate a Christian worldview of history.


Core Courses
HIST 120World Civilizations to 1648 13
HIST 121World Civilizations Since 1648 13
HIST 151United States History to 1877 13
HIST 152United States History Since 1877 13
HIST 210World Geography3
HIST 300Writing 3: Introduction to Historical Studies 23
POLI 496Senior Seminar: Religion and Politics 23
Subject Courses
Select courses totaling 6 units from each of the following subfields: 3
History of America6
History of American Foreign Affairs
History of California
The American West
History of American Immigration
Colonial Era
The Revolution and the Republic
Civil War and Reconstruction
Emergence of Modern America
Modern America
Modern American Intellectual History
History of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East 36
Modern Africa
History of the Middle East I: Early and Medieval Islam
History of the Middle East II: Modern Middle East
History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
History and Politics of the Non-Western World
History of Europe 36
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Topics in French History
Medieval Europe
Renaissance and Reformation
Enlightenment Europe
Europe 1789-1914
Europe 1914-1992
Elective Courses
Select one upper-division (3-unit) elective from any of the subfields or from the following:3
A Year in Time
Humanities Seminar
Topics in Cinema and History
Historical Themes
Directed Research
Total Units42

Meets the General Education Humanities: History requirement.


Meets the General Education Writing 3 requirement.


Depending on the variable topic, the following courses may also count for this area: HIST 368, HIST 401, HIST 420, HIST 484