Global Studies Minor

27 units

The global studies minor is a multidisciplinary program that adds a rich, experience-based intercultural emphasis to any student’s major course of study. Whereas global studies majors complete both the Los Angeles Term (domestic/multicultural) and the Global Learning Term (international/cross-cultural) programs, minors complete only the Los Angeles Term. Why a regional program in a global curriculum? Global learning can no longer be defined either by the exotic aspect of cultures or geographic distance from home. The realities of Los Angeles and the wider world—whether cultural, economic, political, or environmental—interpenetrate and mutually define each other. Students in L.A. Term interact with peoples and cultural forms from throughout the world that are profoundly shaped by financial flows and cultural products originating in cities like Los Angeles.

Course List
GLBL 201Anthropology for Everyday Life 13
Select one of the following:3
Comparative Politics
Politics of Developing Countries
History and Politics of the Non-Western World
Los Angeles Term (see Global Studies Major)15
GLBL 320Global Engagement in the 21st Century3
GLBL 420Sustainable Societies3
Total Units27

Meets the General Education Intercultural Competence requirement.