Engineering Major

87 units

Azusa Pacific’s B.S. in Engineering equips students with a solid foundation in engineering principles that prepares them for careers in a variety of engineering fields, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, business, computer science, defense, energy, and health care. Two concentrations areas are available: systems engineering and computer engineering. In both concentrations, substantial laboratory experiences are built into the curriculum and strong software skills are emphasized.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the B.S. in Engineering will be able to:

PLO 1: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering

PLO 2: Function on multidisciplinary teams

PLO 3: Communicate effectively

PLO 4: Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice

Engineering Requirements
ENGR 101Introduction to Engineering3
ENGR 110STEM as Vocation3
CS 120Introduction to Computer Science I 14
CS 125Introduction to Computer Science II4
ENGR 150Introduction to Mechanics3
ENGR 215Electrical Circuits and Systems4
ENGR 240Digital Logic Systems 14
ENGR 245Electronics4
ENGR 325Control Systems3
ENGR 470Senior Design Project I2
ENGR 480Senior Design Project II 12
ENGR 491Engineering Internship (3 units needed for graduation) 23
ENGR 496Writing 3: Engineering Management, Economics, and Ethics 3, 43
Select one of the following:3
Data Structures (Only for the CE Concentration)
Engineering Thermodynamics (Only for the SE Concentration)
Math Requirements
MATH 165Calculus I3
MATH 166Calculus II3
MATH 268Multivariable Calculus3
MATH 270Ordinary Differential Equations4
ENGR 271Advanced Math for Engineers4
MATH 361Probability and Statistics I3
PHYC 161Physics for Science and Engineering I 55
PHYC 162Physics for Science and Engineering II5
CS 160Discrete Structures3
Choose 9 units from either of the concentrations below.
Systems Engineering Concentration
Discrete Systems Modeling and Simulation
Systems Engineering Principles
Systems Design
Green Power Systems
Decision and Risk Analysis
Computer Engineering Concentration
Engineering Ethics
Digital Signal Processing
Computer Networks
Computer Architecture and Organization
Cyber Physical Systems Security [Proposed]
Total Units87