Computer Information Systems Minor

A computer information systems minor meets the needs of the business-minded student specializing in information technology at the professional level. It provides graduates with a variety of technological skills needed by organizations and businesses today. The program comprises a fundamental understanding of the use, knowledge, function, installation, and maintenance of computers. Topics include database systems, computer information systems, web programming, accounting, and principles of management.


CS 120Introduction to Computer Science I 1, 74
CS 125Introduction to Computer Science II 14
CS 260Data Structures 23
CS 290Database Management Systems 13
ACCT 120Principles of Accounting I4
MGMT 210Principles of Management3
Any two upper-division computer science electives (see below) 36
Total Units27
Elective Options
CS 230Systems Programming 43
CS 240Assembly Language Programming 23
CS 315Fundamentals of Network Administration 43
CS 325Telecommunications and Interfacing 23
CS 360Computer Architecture and Organization 44
CS 363Web Programming 23
CS 370Compiler Construction 43
CS 430Artificial Intelligence 43
CS 435Advanced Database Application Programming 23
CS 460Software Project 13
CS 465Team Software Project1-3
CS 470Software Engineering 4,53
CS 480Senior Capstone Project 23
CS 495Topics in Computer Science 11-3
CS 496Ethics in Computer Science 4,63