Biology Minor

  • The minimum prerequisites for the biology minor are a B- in CHEM 101 or a B in one year of high school chemistry, a B- in BIOL 101 or a B in one year of high school biology, and a B- in MATH 110. Students may not earn a biology minor if they are majoring in allied health or biochemistry.
  • A student must complete all prerequisites for a BIOC, BIOL, or CHEM course with a C- or better before taking the course (except as noted in the course description). 
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all biology, chemistry, biochemistry, math, and physics courses required for the major must be maintained.
  • A student must complete each BIOC, BIOL, or CHEM course with a C- or higher for the course to meet a degree requirement in the Department of Biology and Chemistry.
Lower-division Requirements20
General Biology I 1
General Biology II
General Chemistry I 1,2
Biology of Microorganisms
Cell Biology
Upper-division Electives6
Choose electives from the following list. These may not include units used to fulfill requirements of the student’s major.
Ecology 3
Vertebrate Biology
Medical Microbiology
Mammalian Physiology
Plant Biology
Science Internship
Molecular Biology
Stewardship Ecology
Developmental Biology
Advanced Topics in Biology
Directed Research
Total Units26