Biochemistry Major

72-80 units


The Department of Biology and Chemistry offers an interdisciplinary major in biochemistry.

Program Learning Goals

This program develops students who can: 

  • Demonstrate a traditional knowledge base of biology, chemistry, and associated science cognate areas.
  • Relate theories, problem-solving techniques, laboratory applications, and instrumentation procedures to modern chemical and molecular biology fields.
  • Integrate a Christian worldview within the science disciplines.

Career Opportunities

This major serves premedical students as well as others who desire a current molecular emphasis in their major. It contains a basic core of chemistry and biology courses as well as classes that are crossdisciplinary in nature, such as biochemistry, physiology, and cell and molecular biology. The student enjoys the freedom to choose biology or chemistry electives while keeping the total major units required for graduation at a reasonable level. This major is especially appropriate for students seeking a career in a laboratory research area such as biotechnology; graduate study in biochemistry or the biological sciences; chemistry, pharmacy, or medical-related studies; or education. The Association of American Medical Colleges has indicated that biochemistry undergraduates enjoy one of the highest acceptance rates for medical schools of the science major categories.

Note: Entry requirements differ among graduate schools and jobs. Students are responsible to research the requirements of graduate programs and professions in which they are interested.


BIOL 151General Biology I 14
BIOL 152General Biology II4
BIOL 240Biology of Microorganisms4
BIOL 280Cell Biology4
CHEM 151General Chemistry I 1,84
CHEM 152General Chemistry II 84
CHEM 251
CHEM 261
Organic Chemistry - Theory I
and Organic Chemistry - Lab
CHEM 252
CHEM 262
Organic Chemistry - Theory II
and Organic Chemistry - Lab
Select one of the following:6-9
Applied Calculus I
and Applied Calculus II 2
Calculus I
and Calculus II 2, 8
Select one of the following:8-10
Physics for Life Sciences I
and Physics for Life Sciences II 1, 8
Physics for Science and Engineering I
and Physics for Science and Engineering II 1, 8
Upper-division Requirements
Required Courses
BIOC 380Biochemistry I4
BIOC 381Biochemistry II4
BIOL 496Writing 3: Ethics and the Sciences 73
Select one of the following:4
Genetics 4
Molecular Biology
The elective requirement is fulfilled in two parts: List A and List B (see below)9-12
Total Units72-80
List A
Select one of the following:3-4
Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Theory
and Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Laboratory
Physical Biochemistry
Physical Chemistry I
and Physical Chemistry I Lab
List B
Complete the elective requirement by selecting two from Option I or one each from any two different options.
Option I
Select one or two of the following:3-8
Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Theory
and Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Laboratory 3
Instrumental Analysis - Theory
and Instrumental Analysis - Lab (Theory/Lab) 6
Physical Biochemistry 3
Physical Chemistry I
and Physical Chemistry I Lab 3
Physical Chemistry II
and Physical Chemistry II Lab
Advanced Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Topics in Chemistry
Option II 5
Select no more than one of the following:4
Vertebrate Biology
Regional Human Anatomy
Mammalian Physiology
Option III 5
Select no more than one of the following:1-4
Directed Research
Directed Research

Meets the General Education Natural Science requirement.


Meets the General Education Quantitative Literacy requirement.


If not used above as the elective in List A.


Premed students should take BIOL 300.


Please note that Option II and Option III are valid only if the conditions of List B are met.


Meets the General Education Writing 3 requirement if both CHEM 320 and CHEM 330 are taken.


Meets either the General Education Writing 3 requirement or the General Education Integrative and Applied Learning requirement, but not both.


This course may be waived with an appropriate Advanced Placement test score.