Theater Arts Major (B.A.)

The B.A. in Theater Arts is a general degree program that allows students to work with an advisor to focus their courses on their particular interests. Senior students must complete a capstone project, and in their junior year must submit a proposal for it that is developed in mandatory advising sessions with faculty members.


39 units

Students must earn a 2.0 in each of their major courses and meet policies outlined in the Theater Arts handbook. Failure to do so can result in probation.

Core Courses
THTR 110Introduction to Acting3
THTR 216Performance and Production (Crew)3
THTR 221Theatrical Sets and Properties3
THTR 224Theatrical Management and Production3
THTR 225History of Theater to the 19th Century 13
THTR 226History of Theater: 19th Century to the Present3
THTR 374Writing 3: Playwriting 23
THTR 423Directing3
THTR 496Writing 3: Ethics in Theater, Film, and Television 23
THTR 499Capstone Project in Theater, Film, and Television3
Select three of the following:9
Introduction to Theater 3
Theatrical Lighting and Sound
Theatrical Makeup
Theater Education, K-12
Theater for Social Change 4
Advanced Directing
Acting Styles and Techniques
Musical Theater Workshop
Theater and the Church
Dramatic Theory and Criticism
Special Topics
Total Units39

PLO 1: Artistry Able to integrate the technique and skills needed to become an interdisciplinary theater artist (THTR 110, THTR 221, THTR 222, THTR 223, THTR 233, THTR 374, THTR 423, THTR 435, THTR 440)

PLO 2: Professional Development Able to apply professional production techniques (THTR 216, THTR 224, THTR 355, THTR 365, THTR 424, THTR 490, THTR 499)

PLO 3: Knowledge Able to evaluate the historical development of theater as an art form (THTR 225, THTR 226)

PLO 4: Analysis Able to apply analytical approaches to drama (THTR 115THTR 460)

PLO 5: Faith Integration Able to identify the contribution and impact of Christian faith and practice in the theatrical arts (THTR 101, THTR 455, THTR 496)