Department of Music Performance


With a conservatory focus, the Department of Music Performance gives student-musicians the opportunity to work with outstanding professional faculty-artists in solo and ensemble settings. Through such engagement, students refine their craft for a lifetime of expression and individual creativity that reflects the creative and transformative nature of God.

Department Overview

The Department of Music Performance encompasses the Music Performance (B.A.) and the Music Performance (B.M.).


Department Chair

Christopher Russell, M.M.

Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

Claire Fedoruk, DMA


Eugene Alcalay, DMA

Joel Clifft, DMA

Claire Fedoruk, DMA

Janet Harms, Ed.D.

John Sutton, DMA

Associate Professors

Melanie Galloway, DMA

Michael Kozubek, M.M.

Christopher Russell, M.M.

Assistant Professors

David Hughes, DMA

Michelle Jensen, M.M.

Alexander Russell, M.M.


Patricia Edwards, DMA

Lecturers (part time)

William Boocock, M.A.

Jeffrey Williams, M.M.