Worship Leadership Minor

The minor in worship leadership serves as a secondary academic program available to undergraduate students wishing to pursue the development of skills and abilities in worship leadership. The program provides studies in the history and nature of corporate worship, theological reflection, philosophical inquiry, technological awareness, and practical application of the worship design process. In addition, foundational studies in music theory, ear training, sight singing, and applied study are included. Students are also required to participate in a designated number of School of Music ensembles. Curriculum is designed to foster the musical awareness and leadership skills needed for competency in the field.

Introductory Course
MUS 160Worship Leadership Formation2
Foundational Music Proficiencies
MUS 121Music Theory I 13
MUS 122Music Theory II3
MUS 133Practical Musicianship I1
MUS 134Practical Musicianship II1
Ensemble Requirement (2 Semesters)2
MUS 210Performance Forum (2 Semesters)0
Applied Study (1 Unit x 2 Semesters)2
Foundational Courses in Worship Leadership
MUS 202Singing The Faith3
MUS 203Languages of Worship2
MUS 375Worship Arts Leadership2
MUS 376Worship Design3
Total Units24