Campus Housing

Because the residential experience strongly supports the mission of APU, all traditional undergraduates are required to live in campus housing during their freshman and sophomore years. Exemptions may be granted for students who live with their parents locally, married students, and students who have special circumstances that present an obstacle to campus residency. Incoming freshman students and sophomore transfer students must submit either a Request for Campus Housing Assignment form or a Request for Campus Housing Exemption form to the Office of Housing Services (both forms are included in your acceptance packet and can also be obtained from your admissions counselor in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions). Junior and senior transfer students may also submit a housing request form and will be given assignments based on availability.

In years when new student enrollment exceeds the number of campus housing spaces available at double occupancy, tripling will be required for some incoming students. Housing Services cannot guarantee that space will be available to accommodate all students after the assignment process begins. Since campus housing is limited, some students entering APU may have to live off campus sometime during their junior or senior year. While Housing Services is the sole determiner of final housing assignments, specific living area and mutual roommate requests are met whenever possible. Specific requests are less likely to be realized once living areas begin to fill. Campus housing is limited to the Azusa campus only. Learn more about campus housing at APU.