Preprofessional Programs


While any major is compatible with medicine, an emphasis on science courses is mandatory for completion of the academic prerequisites of medical and dental schools. Azusa Pacific’s Department of Biology and Chemistry offers excellent curricula for such programs. The student receives strong academic advising on preparatory coursework, and a great deal of personal contact with professors within the classroom and advising environments.

Students enter the premedical/predental program Pre-Med Track by application, usually not earlier than the second semester of the sophomore year. Admission to the program is based on an evaluation of academic success and realistic plans for a health career. Students who successfully complete the Pre-Med Track have a high success rate for acceptance into medical and dental schools. The program helps the student integrate scientific, cultural, and religious views and develop the skills and objectivity necessary for the advancement of scientific knowledge.

To assist the student in attaining this goal, APU provides an advisor and a premedical/predental advisory committee, which assist the student in class selection, help keep track of academic progress, provide information on medical and dental school admission policies, conduct mock interviews, and in general, aid the student in focusing their preparation for medical or dental school.

In addition, career seminars and a Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) review course (BIOL 470) led by the university premedical advisor are offered. A high MCAT score and a high grade-point average are necessary in applying to a medical school.

In addition to the General Education requirement, the following is typical of the academic prerequisites required by most medical and dental schools:

CHEM 151
CHEM 152
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry II 1
CHEM 251
CHEM 252
Organic Chemistry - Theory I
and Organic Chemistry - Theory II
CHEM 261
CHEM 262
Organic Chemistry - Lab
and Organic Chemistry - Lab
BIOL 151
BIOL 152
General Biology I
and General Biology II 1
Select one of the following:6-9
Applied Calculus I
and Applied Calculus II
Calculus I
and Calculus II
Select one of the following:8-10
Physics for Life Sciences I
and Physics for Life Sciences II 1
Physics for Science and Engineering I
and Physics for Science and Engineering II 1

CHEM 151BIOL 151, PHYC 151, and PHYC 161 meet the General Education Natural Science requirement.

The following courses also provide excellent preparation for medical school:

BIOC 360Principles of Biochemistry4
BIOC 380
BIOC 381
Biochemistry I
and Biochemistry II
BIOL 240Biology of Microorganisms4
BIOL 280Cell Biology4
BIOL 300Genetics4
BIOL 336Vertebrate Biology4
BIOL 346Regional Human Anatomy4
BIOL 350Mammalian Physiology4
CHEM 300
CHEM 310
Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Theory
and Quantitative Chemical Analysis - Laboratory
PSYC 110General Psychology 13
SOC 120Introduction to Sociology 13

Meets the General Education Social Science requirement.


2/2 Program

In the 2/2 pre-engineering program, a student completes a group of prescribed courses at Azusa Pacific University, then transfers to a school offering the engineering specialization of his/her choice to take the remaining coursework required for graduation from that institution. Under normal circumstances (e.g., students take Calculus I during fall semester of freshman year), students are able to complete the APU requirements in two years and the additional requirements in two more years, hence the designation “2/2 program.” View prescribed courses for the 2/2 program. With the advent of APU’s new engineering major, students now have the option to complete the four-year B.S. in Engineering at APU instead of transferring elsewhere.

Students are encouraged to investigate the specific requirements of programs to which they expect to transfer, as far in advance as possible. For example, some University of California and California State University engineering programs require transfer students to have completed two courses in English composition and two semesters of chemistry.


Azusa Pacific University’s Department of History and Political Science offers a prelaw minor for all students interested in law school. The 21-unit minor includes courses in political science, criminal law, constitutional law, and political philosophy. The department’s prelaw advisor helps prelaw students select appropriate courses and assists in the process of identifying and applying to law schools.