General Education Program

Each student graduating from APU completes a maximum of 62 units of General Education courses. The number of units required is determined by whether a student enters as a freshman or as a transfer student, and by the year the student begins coursework at APU. Current students seeking to transfer coursework from other colleges and universities must verify with One Stop | Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center that those courses will be accepted for General Education credit. The policy for transferring credits to meet General Education requirements is available on the One Stop website.

Information for Transfer Students

Students transferring in to Azusa Pacific University may have some of their General Education requirements met by classes taken at their previous institution(s). Additionally, the unit requirements for Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Formation may be adjusted depending on the number of units the student transferred in to APU. See the Transfer Applicants section of the catalog for further information about these adjusted requirements.

The evaluation of a student’s transfer work is conducted by One Stop | Registrar. All students are encouraged to work with One Stop and their academic advisor to determine their General Education requirements.