Diversity in the Classroom

Azusa Pacific University recognizes that diversity is an expression of God’s image and boundless creativity. In an effort to integrate diversity studies into the curriculum, pertinent issues are addressed within General Education courses, and specific courses focus on diverse perspectives. APU also offers an ethnic studies minor through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The following is a list of courses designed to examine diversity related topics:   

ART 403Multicultural Art 13
CINE 351Film and Social Issues 23
CINE 451World Cinema 23
COMM 260Intercultural Communication 23
COMM 495Special Topics3
CCSD 567The Role of Diversity in Student Affairs Practice 33
EDLS 405Diversity in the Classroom 23
EDUC 504Teaching and Cultural Diversity 33
ENGL 364American Ethnic Literature 23
ENGL 487Literary Movements3
ENGL 488Significant Authors3
ENGL 489Literary Topics3
ETHN 150Introduction to Ethnic Studies 23
ETHN 355The Asian American Experience3
ETHN 356The African American Experience3
ETHN 357The Chicano(a)/Latino(a) Experience3
GLBL 305Peoples and Places3
GLBL 201Anthropology for Everyday Life 23
GLBL 260Intercultural Communication 23
GLBL 315Urban Society 43
GLBL 318Immigration and Integration 23
GMIN 509Urban Sociology and Christian Ministry 34
GMIN 559Urban Cross-Cultural Ministry 34
GNRS 503Cultural Competency in Health Care 33
HIST 235Cultural History/Travel Study 23
HIST 346History of American Immigration 23
HUM 201Intercultural Knowledge and Competence 23
MINC 330Intercultural Ministries 23
MINC 486Urban Ministry Practicum6
MUS 201Introduction to World Music 23
MUS 204Music of Latin America3
MUS 205Music of Asia3
MUS 301Music of Africa3
MUS 302Soul Music 23
PHIL 451Race, Sex and Science 23
PHIL 452Classical Chinese Ethics 23
PSYC 400Cultural Psychology 23
RELG 200Introduction to the Study of Religion 23
RELG 350Introduction to Judaism 23
RELG 351Introduction to Islam 23
RELG 352Introduction to Hinduism and South Asian Traditions 23
RELG 353Introduction to Buddhism and East Asian Traditions 23
SOC 358Human Diversity 23
SOC 359Immigrant L.A.3
SOC 405The Sociology of Gender3
SOC 464Social Stratification3
SOCW 275Social Justice Foundations for Human Rights 23
SPAN 301Spanish Conversation and Community 23
TESL 530Intercultural Communication and Language Teaching 33
TESL 535Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching 33
THEO 428Global Christianity 23
THEO 480Theology from the Margins 23
THTR 325History of Theater to the 19th Century 23
UBBL 350Biblical Lands and Cultures 23
UBBL 476Writing 3: Women in the Biblical Tradition 53
UBBL 482Global Biblical Interpretation 23
UNRS 383International Health Nursing 23-5
UNRS 384Urban/Rural Health Nursing 23-5

Meets the General Education Humanities: Fine Arts requirement.


Meets the General Education Intercultural Competence requirement.


These are graduate-level courses. Please refer to the Graduate and Professional Catalog for details.


Meets the General Education Civic Knowledge and Engagement requirement. 


Meets the General Education Writing 3 requirement.