APU Study Away Programs

The Center for Global Learning and Engagement provides multiple opportunities for APU students to enhance their educational experience through study away programs.

China Nursing Semester

A unique semester for undergraduate nursing students to have hands-on experience with a university-affiliated hospital in China, the China Nursing Semester exchange program allows for Chinese students to attend APU courses while APU students take courses in China.

Ecuador Semester

In collaboration with Living and Learning International, students can participate in the Ecuador Semester, focused on learning South American culture, the Spanish language, and practical application within ministry, service-learning, or an internship experience in a developing nation. Students enjoy rich interaction with the culture through travel to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon jungle.

Global Learning Term (Rwanda; fall semester only)

The Global Learning Term (GLT) program seeks to fulfill the international mission and educational essence of Azusa Pacific University by affording students self-directed, full-immersion learning experiences within a cross-cultural context. This learning experience integrates community-based residence, study, service-learning, and research within global contexts. The program is a required part of the global studies major at APU, and managed in communication with the Center for Global Learning and Engagement. Interested students should email the center at studyaway@apu.edu.

Students enroll in special GLT courses that are completed during a fall semester in collaboration with GO ED., the Rwanda study away program provider. Program faculty assist students in exploring their major and in designing individualized study and service projects. The GLT is an integral component of the undergraduate global studies major, and builds upon campus-based multidisciplinary coursework, as well as the off-campus Los Angeles Term. As with the Los Angeles Term, GLT students live locally, serve with community-based organizations, and complete coursework.

High Sierra Semester

The High Sierra Semester offers students an opportunity to challenge themselves in a unique college environment. Each semester, students embark on the adventure of a lifetime as they enter into a small community unique to this program. Located in the High Sierra at Emerald Cove Camp on Bass Lake, the program resides just south of Yosemite National Park. The tight-knit community, including faculty and staff who are dedicated to the spiritual and academic growth of each student, make this program an incredible semester for every participant.

Additionally, the High Sierra Semester holds each student to high academic standards. Classes are taught as part of Azusa Pacific University’s Great Works Option, which allows students to meet a substantial portion of their General Education requirements as well as upper-division electives. The Great Works Option allows students to learn through the integration of all their courses and the reading of the Great Works that reflect the human intellect and imagination. Subject areas include literature, art, music, philosophy, and theology. The benefits of studying in this manner are twofold: First, the study and discussion of such works offer a potent introduction to liberal arts education for the most intrepid students—those with high personal motivation to explore life’s great questions by engaging in a conversation across the centuries with preeminent minds. Second, the integration of the studies renders the whole much greater than the sum of the individual parts.

This program also provides a special opportunity to develop the self-reliance, fitness, and habits needed to live in nature’s wilderness. To begin the application process to the High Sierra Semester, complete the High Sierra Semester Application (Early Action Application Deadline: February 1). Once you’ve completed the online application, you must submit a copy of your current transcript to Study Away in the Center for Global Learning and Engagement, located on East Campus. You can find your transcript in your profile at home.apu.edu.

Los Angeles Term

Los Angeles Term offers students an opportunity to live in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. With a population of more than four million people, Los Angeles is home to people from more than 140 countries who speak more than 220 languages. Each semester, students move to the urban center and live with local host families around the city limits, take public transportation as their primary mode of travel, and work at a nonprofit internship for 10 weeks.

The program takes place just two miles west of the downtown area at APU’s Los Angeles Regional Site, located in Koreatown. Los Angeles Term implements an experience-based pedagogy in the coursework by hosting the majority of “class time” offsite in the city. Instead of the traditional approach of lectures and note taking confined within the four walls of a classroom, the program organizes educational site visits, sets up meetings with political stakeholders and community leaders, and facilitates critical dialogue between professors and students.

The L.A. Term is open to students in any major. Students must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors to participate, and “visiting students” (temporary non-APU students from other colleges) are encouraged to apply. Complete an Online Semester Application (Early Action Application Deadline: February 1).

Norway Nursing Semester

The Norway Nursing Semester is a unique semester exchange program, giving APU undergraduate nursing students hands-on experience with community health care in Norway while taking courses there, while Norwegian students attend APU. Complete an Online Semester Application (Application Deadline: February 1).

South Africa Semester (Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town Campuses)

The South Africa Semester provides an opportunity for sophomore, junior, and senior students to earn up to 18 units during this unique semester away. Students learn about the country’s rich culture and history through academics, serving in local communities, developing relationships with South African community members, and engaging with local families. Coursework allows students to choose from a variety of General Education courses. Required courses include a uniquely developed course on Principles and Practices of Community Engagement that allows students to engage in the local South Africa community and earn 30 service-learning credits toward graduation. This course may include projects serving alongside an HIV/AIDS health program, teaching at an orphanage, interning with a nongovernment organization, and other opportunities with local community development organizations. Complete an Online Semester Application (Application Deadline: February 1) .

South Africa Nursing Semester (Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town Campuses)

The South Africa Nursing Semester offers a cohort of upper-level nursing students the opportunity to learn, serve, and engage in APU’s South Africa Semester while focusing on community health care. Students are exposed to the vibrant South African culture through home stays and national travel. They also partner with community-based organizations and conduct projects to address health disparities, health problems, and barriers to health promotion. Students’ cultural sensitivity is enhanced through various service-learning opportunities. Complete an Online Semester Application (Application Deadline: February 1).

Short-Term Programs

Short-term study away programs are generally faculty-led opportunities for students to take program or major-specific APU courses while traveling in various locations around the world. The programs often change from year to year, offering students unique ways to further their education beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. For current offerings, visit the Short-term Programs website. For financial information, reference the financial aid policies in this catalog.

Study Away: Policies

  1. Financial Aid: The maximum time a student may utilize their institutional financial aid (this does not include campus requirement aid such as athletic scholarships, music, etc.) for semester study away purposes will be two semesters. The number of faculty/staff education benefit recipients each term varies by program. Visit the Financial Aid Policy for Study Away Programs page for additional information.
  2. Post Study Away: Semester study away students are required to have one semester at the Azusa campus after studying away. Automatic enrollment in a 1-unit post-study-away course section (GLBL 425) upon completion of their term away will be implemented for most programs (short-term participants are eligible and highly encouraged to enroll in this course section). Students cannot study away their final semester, nor can students study away two consecutive semesters (consecutive semesters are considered to be fall/spring and spring/fall). This policy does not apply to short-term (summer and winter) program participation.
  3. Academics: Students are required to enroll and fulfill all program-specific required coursework and abide by the following policies:
    1. Applicants for study away must be in good academic standing (e.g., not on academic probation, positive academic integrity profile, etc.​​).
    2. All undergraduate study away students must maintain full-time enrollment during a semester study away program (minimum 12 units).
    3. Students may not participate in the same study away program more than once.
    4. Regular course prerequisites for all study away courses are mandatory for participation in a study away semester or short-term program.
    5. Study away students are not allowed to take APU online courses unless designated by the specific program course listings.
    6. A maximum of two online courses (6 units) from program-approved options are permissible.
    7. Students are required to enroll for and fulfill all program-specific required coursework. Any semester study away student not enrolled in the required courses for their study away semester by the term registration date will be automatically enrolled into the appropriate class section(s). If needed, it is the responsibility of the student to adjust into a different course section by the add/drop date.
    8. Students are not permitted to take courses unless designated by the specific program course listings. Any semester study away student enrolled in a course that is not offered by their program will be automatically dropped from the course and notified by the Center for Global Learning and Engagement or One Stop. (An independent study course may be permitted for some programs; email studyaway@apu.edu for more information.)
    9. Students must abide by the add/drop date published in this catalog. Students will receive a Withdrawal (W) grade for any classes dropped after this period.
    10. GLBL 425 Integration and Formation Seminar: Any semester study away student not enrolled in this course by the term preregistration date will be automatically enrolled into any open class session. If needed, it is the responsibility of the student to switch to a different course section by the add/drop date. Exceptions available only to Cape Town psychology majors, and High Sierra, L.A. Term, and APU short-term program participants.
    11. General Education Courses: Students can refer to the current list of General Education requirements to utilize GE courses offered through APU study away programs.
  4. General APU Policies: Upholding of all APU policies is required. All policies are valued, with awareness of the below items being of particular importance when participating in any study away program:
    1. Regular fulfillment of the residence policy is required to be considered for degree completion.
    2. Regular fulfillment of commencement participation items (i.e., type of registration for final units, etc.) required for anyone intending to participate in commencement.

Policy inquiries are available through One Stop.

Study Away: Financial Aid

Refer to the Financial Aid Policies section of this catalog for more information.


For more information, contact the Center for Global Learning and Engagement at (626) 857-2440 or studyaway@apu.edu. The center is located in the Modular Offices, just south of Cougar Dome, on East Campus. You may also connect with the center on Facebook or Instagram.