Center for Academic Service-Learning

In keeping with the mission and values of APU, the Center for Academic Service-Learning (CASL) provides opportunities for students to journey toward becoming socially responsible and civically engaged professionals. Because of the extensive service-learning programs across university departments, CASL provides a learning environment in which students, through course-based service-learning, can kick-start careers in the midst of their undergraduate studies.

Program staff members work with faculty and community leaders to intentionally integrate academic coursework with relevant community service that enhances student, faculty, and community scholarship. Service-learning courses empower students to move from theory to practice by honoring Christ while serving the community. Courses designated by “Service-Learning Course” in class registration materials meet the criteria for excellence in service-learning.

Service-learning courses are offered in a number of academic departments, and students receive APU service credits for their service-learning experience. More than 3,500 students partner with dozens of community agencies through service-learning programs each year. CASL supports community growth and development through a number of programs, including the College Headed and Mighty Proud (C.H.A.M.P.) program, which introduces the idea of college to fourth graders from six local schools in Azusa Unified School District; and the Cougar Pals program, in which APU social work students mentor at-risk students from local middle schools.