Transfer Work

Azusa Pacific University may accept transfer credit for equivalent courses from schools accredited by regional agencies recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). To see if you can be awarded credit for transfer work, view lists of preapproved courses through Transferology. All other courses must be approved through a Transfer Inquiry Form submitted to One Stop | Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center, and receive approval prior to registration for the course. In addition, students must complete the transfer course (including correspondence courses) with a grade of C- or higher. APU’s credit is given on a 4.0 scale for transfer work. Quarter units will be converted into semester units; APU grants two semester units of credit for every three quarter units.

Students who re-enroll at APU after leaving and spending two or more consecutive semesters at another academic institution may apply those transferable units toward their General Education requirements. Only units transferred at re-enrollment will be considered. 

APU may also accept a maximum of 12 units of non-General Education elective credit from institutions accredited by the following faith-related organizations:

  • Association for Biblical Higher Education
  • Association of Theological Schools
  • Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools

These units may only apply as elective units, and are not applicable toward General Education, major, or minor requirements.

All courses must be baccalaureate level and intended for transfer. Remedial courses and vocational/technical courses are not accepted. Courses taken through online agencies, services, and institutions will not be accepted to APU unless the host university is regionally accredited.

The university can give credit for no more than 70 units of coursework from a two-year or community college and 90 units from a four-year institution or a combination of both. Students must complete 16 of their final 24 units at APU. 

For information on transfer guidelines, see General Education Information for Transfer Students.