Course Numbering System

Courses are identified by a subject abbreviation followed by a course number. Course number indications: 1-99, remedial (no credit toward any degree); 100-299, lower division; 300-399, upper division; 400-499, upper division or graduate; 500-899, graduate courses; and 900-999, continuing education courses.

The course abbreviations are as follows:

ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis
ACCT Accounting
AES Applied Exercise Science
ALCI American Language and Culture Institute
ALNG Ancient Languages
ASL American Sign Language
AT Athletic Training
ATHL Athletics
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BIOT Biotechnology
BUSI Business Administration
CCSD College Counseling and Student Development
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CINE Cinematic Arts
CJ Criminal Justice
CMUS Commercial Music
COMM Communication Studies
CS Computer Science
DSGN Design
ECON Economics
EDCO Educational Counseling
EDL Educational Leadership
EDLS Education – Liberal Studies
EDPY Educational Psychology
EDTC Educational Technology
EDUC Education
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENTR Entrepreneurship
ETHN Ethnic Studies
FFL Fitness for Life
FIN Finance
FREN French
GBBL Biblical Studies: Graduate
GDMN Doctoral Ministry
GE General Education
GERM German
GINS Graduate Integrative Studies
GLBL Global Studies
GLDR Graduate Leadership
GMIN Graduate Ministry
GMUS Graduate Music
GNRS Graduate Nursing
GRAD Faculty Development
GRKB Greek (Biblical)
GRKC Greek (Classical)
GTHE Graduate Theology
HEBB Hebrew (Biblical)
HED Higher Education
HIST History
HON Honors
HUM Humanities
IBUS International Business
ITAL Italian
JAPA Japanese
JOUR Journalism
KIN Kinesiology
LDRS Leadership Studies
LIB Library
LTN Latin
MATH Mathematics
MGMT Management
MIN Ministry
MINC Christian Ministries
MINY Youth Ministry
MKTG Marketing
MODL Modern Languages
MUS Music
OPSY Organizational Psychology
PCLS Psychology: Child Life Specialist
PE Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYC Physics
POLI Political Science
PPSY Clinical Psychology
PRAR Art: Professional
PRBA Business: Professional
PRBI Biology: Professional
PRBL Biblical Studies: Professional
PRCH Chemistry: Professional
PRCJ Criminal Justice: Professional
PRCO Communication Studies: Professional
PREN English: Professional
PRGL Global Studies: Professional
PRHI History: Professional
PRLD Leadership: Professional
PRLS Liberal Studies: Professional
PRMA Math: Professional
PRMI Ministry: Professional
PRMU Music: Professional
PRPE Physical Education: Professional
PRPH Philosophy: Professional
PRPO Politcial Science: Professional
PRPS Psychology: Professional
PRPY Physics: Professional
PRSO Sociology: Professional
PRSW Social Work: Professional
PRTH Theology: Professional
PRWR Writing: Professional
PSYC Psychology
PT Physical Therapy
PUBR Public Relations
REC Recreation
RELG Religion
RNRS Nursing: Professional
SCW Screenwriting
SOC Sociology
SOCW Social Work
SPAN Spanish
SPED Special Education
TEG Teacher Education: Gifted
TEP Teacher Education Program
TESL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TESP Teacher Education: Special Education
THTR Theater Arts
THEO Theology: Undergraduate
TUL Transformational Urban Leadership
UBBL Undergraduate Biblical Studies
UNRS Undergraduate Nursing
VOC Vocation
WEB Website
WRIT Writing