Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology

Online courses cover the same content as face-to-face courses and are taught by fully qualified APU faculty. Material presentations and class discussions are conducted online. Online courses are typically conducted asynchronously, but in some instances faculty might schedule synchronous meetings, such as office hours and discussions, using web and other conferencing tools. These are not correspondence courses between a professor and one student, but full classes of students interacting with one another, as well as with the professor, through weekly activities and discussions.

Most students who take online classes do so for convenience while balancing work schedules and course availability. This environment allows students who are unable to attend a campus program to participate in an online version of traditional face-to-face classes. Learning is still driven by interaction with content material, professor mentoring, and student dialogue. Online courses are designed for self-motivated and disciplined students. As in traditional classes, participation requirements and strict due dates apply. This is not a self-paced program, but rather, another way of becoming a lifelong learner wherein the responsibility for learning is shared by the student and professor.

APU offers online programs in a variety of disciplines, and you may view a complete list online. Other individual online classes are offered that can be taken as part of traditional, face-to-face graduate programs. For more information about a specific online program, call (800) 825-5278. For more information about online learning at APU, contact the Office of Innovative Teaching and Technology at or (626) 387-5877.