Campus Ministry

Office of Campus Ministry

The staff in the Office of Campus Ministry desire to see students’ hearts, souls, and minds be continually transformed by the renewing and redemptive work of God in their lives—as individuals and as valuable parts of the Body of Christ. The Campus Ministry staff encourage students toward increasing spiritual maturity, offer spiritual care and opportunities for discipleship-focused relationships, and contribute to a growing understanding of the interrelationship of scholarship and discipleship.

Confidential Pastoral Counseling

Confidential staff/persons in the Office of Campus Ministry are available to meet with students individually or in groups to listen and provide pastoral counsel and spiritual direction through seasons of distress, indecision, illness, faith development, and celebration, or to simply get to know one another.

Discipleship Mentoring (1-1)

The discipleship mentoring program connects undergraduate students with capable mentors who serve as guides and companions in the students’ spiritual journey. These one-on-one encounters provide the space to grow spiritually in a committed mentoring relationship.

Discipleship Groups (D-Groups)

This ministry provides the opportunity for 5-10 students to meet for spiritual growth. Each Discipleship Group (D-Group) incorporates prayer, Bible study, accountability, and fellowship in meetings.

SALT Ministry

SALT (Service And Leadership Training), a student leadership opportunity in conjunction with the Office of Campus Ministry and the Office of Corporate Worship, serves the community with four focused teams: Discipleship, Kaleo, Liturgical, and Spiritual Formation.

Local Church Referrals

Local churches offer students opportunities to invest in cross-generational spiritual community and local ministry service, and to participate in interactive faith dialogue, throughout the year.