GEN1 Scholars Program

Are You a First-Generation College Student?

The GEN1 Scholars Program will assist you as you transition to college by providing academic support; connecting you to faculty, staff, and resources; and helping you find and create community at Azusa Pacific University. A GEN1 Scholar should identify as a “first-generation college student”—a student whose parents or guardians have not completed a bachelor’s degree.

About the GEN1 Scholars Program

The GEN1 Scholars Program offers APU’s first-generation college students resources and opportunities for academic, professional, and personal growth. We strive to prepare students for academic and postgraduation success through various programs and services. It is our mission to recognize and celebrate the unique cultural capital first-generation college students bring with them to the university, in an attempt to foster an environment that will allow them to thrive. For more information, visit the GEN1 Scholars Program website.

Program Components

  • Academic Support
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops for Personal Development
  • Workshops for Parents/Guardians
  • Social Gatherings throughout the Semester
  • Gen1 Scholars Graduation Ceremony

GEN1 Scholars Mentoring Program

The GEN1 Scholars Program offers faculty and staff mentoring for our first-generation college students. Through your mentoring relationship, you will gain networking opportunities, campus support, and a community of first-generation faculty and staff who are available to help you along your APU journey.

If you are interested in applying for a mentor, fill out the GEN1 Scholars Interest Card. This initial interest form will help us gather the necessary information to match you with one of our GEN1 Scholars mentors.

Commitment for Students

  • Submit your Mentor Application
  • Attend Mentoring Orientation
  • Meet with your mentor at least 3 times a semester
  • Complete all program evaluations
  • Attend a one-on-one meeting with the GEN1 Scholars Coordinator