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UNRS 384, Urban/Rural Health Nursing, 3-5 Units

Lecture 1 Unit - Clinical Practicum 2-4 units: This course focuses on observation and participation in urban/rural health care settings. The purpose is to broaden the student's worldview through a cross-cultural educational experience and gain a more global perspective of health care issues. In addition, it will provide opportunities to develop intercultural competence, equip students to engage with others from diverse cultures with compassion and respect, and foster a commitment to service, scholarship, and boundary-crossing community in vulnerable urban/rural populations.Meets the General Education Requirement: Intercultural Competence, Intercultural Competence, Intercultural Competence, Intercultural Competence. 

Special Fee Applies

Prerequisite: PR Acceptance into the Nursing Program. Co-requisite: UNRS 384P (Practicum)