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PRWR 260, Writing 2: Psychology sub-disciplines and career trajectories, 3 Units

This course provides a foundation for students to think, write and communicate as a psychological scientist. The specific style of writing is based on the American Psychological Association (APA) format that reflects the precepts within the discipline. The course focuses on the general writing process as well as the particular writing conventions in the social sciences to build critical skills in communication. As students learn to write thoughtfully and persuasively, students also engage in a comprehensive overview of the major subfields in the discipline of psychology and the variety of career trajectories that students may consider in behavioral settings. In the process of career exploration as it relates to central concerns, themes and professional trajectories, students will critically assess the writing style, questions, and arguments from multiple sub-disciplines. Students will also develop skill in formatting written work utilizing the style adopted by the APA in order to develop skills in effective writing, researching and identifying credible sources in the field. Meets the General Education Requirement: Writing 2: Genre, Evidence, and Persuasion. 

Prerequisite: C or better in WRIT 110