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MATH 95, Intermediate Algebra, 3 Units

This course prepares students for the General Education Quantitative Literacy courses. Topics include linear graphs, mathematical models, systems of equations in two and three variables, multiplying and factoring polynomial functions, rational and radical expressions and functions, complex numbers, quadratic equations, and mathematical modeling with quadratic functions. This course does not meet the General Education Quantitative Literacy requirement and does not count toward total units needed for graduation.

Prerequisite: MATH 90 or an appropriate score on the APU mathematics placement assessment

Math Placement Assessment

APU uses the ALEKS PPL system to determine the best initial math placement for most students.  Students who need to use ALEKS are encouraged to take an initial diagnostic assessment at home and then to work in their personalized Prep and Learning Module to review. They will then be able to retake the assessment up to three times by scheduling a proctored retake appointment with the Learning Enrichment Center.

Department of Mathematics and Physics

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