Incomplete Grades

The grade Incomplete (I) is given only under special circumstances, such as illness or other unforeseeable circumstances that can be verified, providing that the student’s work in the course was of passing quality. An I grade may be given upon recommendation of the professor with the permission of the appropriate academic dean. To obtain an Incomplete, the student must fill out the official Incomplete Form available from the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center. The filing deadline for the form is the last day of finals. An Incomplete may be granted for up to 12 weeks from date of issue; petition for extension beyond the 12 weeks will be subject to review by the faculty member and the appropriate academic dean. Failure to submit an Incomplete Form or make up the missing coursework within the allotted period will automatically result in an F. An IN grade reflects an Incomplete with no filed paperwork at the time grades were issued, placing the student in danger of receiving an F if the paperwork doesn’t get filed.