Professional Programs

Azusa Pacific’s professional bachelor’s completion programs are designed for students who have transferable college credit and want to finish their degree at APU. The minimum number of units required to transfer varies by program. Explore APU’s professional program offerings by academic area:

School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

School of Business and Management

School of Nursing

General Education Requirements for Professional Undergraduate Students

APU’s General Education program comprises five major outcome areas, and all of these requirements must be met by approved classes:

  • Intellectual and Practical Skills

  • Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World

  • Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Formation

  • Personal and Social Responsibility

  • Integrative and Applied Learning

All courses approved to satisfy General Education requirements are identified in the class schedule and are included on the list of approved General Education courses. This list is available through the Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar. Additional courses may be approved in the future.

Even though students work closely with their Academic Records Specialist in determining their General Education requirements, the responsibility for fulfilling these requirements is solely that of the student.

All professional undergraduate students are required to access their Web-based Advisement Report (through the University Portal) for information regarding their major and General Education requirements and fulfillment of these requirements. Any questions about the application of transfer courses for course requirements should be directed to an Academic Records Specialist in the Office of the Graduate and Professional Registrar.

Intellectual and Practical Skills

Inquiry and analysis, critical and creative thinking, written and oral communication, wellness, quantitative literacy, information literacy, and teamwork and problem solving

Writing 14
Writing 1A: Writing and Rhetoric for Professional Students
Writing 1B: Research and Writing for Professional Students
Writing 2 13
Writing 2: Business Communication
Writing 2: Psychology Subdisciplines and Career Trajectories
Writing 2: Criminal Justice Research Methods
Writing 2: Theoretical Frameworks in Nursing
Writing 33
Writing 3: Business Ethics
Writing 3: Senior Capstone in Criminal Justice
Research Methods in Psychology
Writing 3: Ethics and Issues in Health Care
Writing 3: Evidence-Based Practice, Theory, and Clinical Pathways
Oral Communication3
Public Communication
Quantitative Literacy3
Introduction to Statistics
Statistics and Data Management for Nursing and Health Care
College Algebra
Total Units16

Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World

PRHI 120World Civilizations to 16483
or PRHI 121 World Civilizations Since 1648
or PRHI 151 United States History to 1877
PREN 111Studies in Literature3
Fine Arts
PRAR 150Introduction to Art3
Social Science
PRCJ 110Intro to Criminal Justice3
or PRPS 110 General Psychology
or PRPS 290 Human Growth and Development
Natural Science with Lab
PRBI 101Fundamentals of Biology4
or PRPY 140 Introduction to Astronomy
Total Units16

Biblical, Theological, and Philosophical Formation*

Interpretation, analysis, and application of scriptural principles

PRMI 108Christian Life, Faith, and Ministry3
PRRS 200World Religions3
PRBL 230Luke/Acts3
PRPH 100Introduction to Philosophy3
PRTH 303Theology and the Christian Life3
Total Units15

Personal and Social Responsibility

Civic knowledge and engagement (local and global), intercultural knowledge and competence, ethical reasoning and action, and foundations and skills for lifelong learning

Civic Knowledge and Engagement
PRCJ 200Criminal Justice, Civic Engagement and Social Responsibility3
or PRPO 150 American Government
or UNRS 382 Community Health Nursing
Intercultural Competence
PRPS 400Multicultural Psychology3
or UNRS 384 Urban/Rural Health Nursing
Total Units6

Integrative and Applied Learning

Integrative and Applied Learning2-3
Research Experience I
Clinical Residency Nursing
Criminal Justice Internship
Field Experience
Community Health and Public Health Nursing
Community Health Practicum
Total Units2-3

Total APU General Education for professional students: 52-56 units