RN to BSN Degree Completion Program

The RN to BSN degree completion program comprises the following:

Prerequisite Courses 1
General Education Requirements 1
Electives 2, 3
Accelerated RN to BSN Courses
RNRS 321Health Assessment5
RNRS 327Nursing Research and Statistics4
RNRS 368Pathophysiology5
RNRS 396Professional Practice: Ethics, Issues, and Spirituality in Health Care6
RNRS 458Writing 3: Evidence-Based Practice, Theory, and Clinical Pathways 45
RNRS 469Improving Patient Outcomes: Quality, Safety, and Risk Management5
RNRS 481PCommunity Health Practicum0
RNRS 482Community Health and Public Health Nursing5
RNRS 483Population Health and Care Transitions5
120 units is required to complete the BSN degree
Total Units40