Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGNP) Certificate

Students must be admitted into the university before registering for this program. The Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (AGNP) Certificate program is designed as a nondegree course credit option for nurses with a master’s degree in nursing.This program prepares students to provide primary care to the young adult, adult, and older adult age spectrum across the continuum of care from wellness to illness, in settings including community health centers and clinics, private medical practices, long-term care facilities, and patient homes. Graduates are eligible to apply to the state of California Board of Registered Nursing for certification as a nurse practitioner, and may apply for the national AGNP certification examination.

Academic and Advanced Practice Core Courses18
GNRS 504Bioethics and Health Care Policy3
GNRS 506Spiritual Concept Analysis in Health Care3
GNRS 512Advanced Health Assessment and Health Promotion4 (3/1)
GNRS 513Advanced Nursing Practice Role 12
GNRS 515Advanced Pathophysiology3
GNRS 594Pharmacology in Advanced Practice Nursing3
Advanced Practice Specialty Courses25
GNRS 580Gerontology2
GNRS 581Primary Health Care of the Older Adult5 (2/3)
GNRS 589Adolescent Health Care2
GNRS 591Primary Health Care of the Childbearing Family4 (2/2)
GNRS 592APrimary Health Care of the Adult and Aging Family6 (3/3)
GNRS 592BPrimary Health Care Clinical Practicum2 (0/2)
GNRS 593Psychosocial Primary Health Care of the Adult and Aging Family4 (2//2)
Specialization Option CoursesNo requirement
Total Units43

Gainful Employment Disclosure

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