Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art

The MFA in Visual Art program is a terminal degree that seeks to cultivate the entire person, motivating students to achieve their highest possible level of development and articulation through their art. Through intensive faculty-student mentoring relationships, students also study the principles of art production, examining the function of materials, process, historical precedents, social context and interaction, audience, and expected response.

Program Format

APU’s 37-month MFA program accommodates the working artist/educator by requiring students to be on campus for only four consecutive Julys and one weekend in January over three years. During the one-month periods on campus, students advance with the same cohort for the MFA program duration, learning and growing together. Additionally, during this on-site time, students partner with MFA professors, visiting artists, and speakers who serve as artist mentors, pushing and encouraging students to explore and develop beyond their current aesthetic and stylistic positions.

Individual studio time comprises an essential aspect of the program and offers the opportunity to retreat and augment on-campus interaction (e.g., classroom instruction, guest lectures, peer reviews, mentor direction, and critiques) and emerge with a cohesive and thoughtful perspective on art and faith. Through the consistency that studio time provides, students cultivate the discipline that lays the groundwork for excellence and inspiration. Ultimately, students graduate as artists who naturally integrate their art-making with the major facets of their lives.

Additional Requirements

Students must complete at least 33 semester units in residence at Azusa Pacific University, as described in the following program of study. Courses are scheduled so that the program can be completed during three years and four summers. Classes, critiques, and workshops are held throughout three-and-one-half weeks in July and one weekend in January. A maximum of eight years is allowed for completion of the degree.

Both the MFA July Residency and the MFA January Residency are required with no exceptions.

A 3.0 grade-point average (GPA) is considered satisfactory progress in the MFA program.

In the event that the student’s GPA drops below the minimum 3.0, the student will be placed on academic probation and given one enrollment period to raise it to the satisfactory level.

Requirements Low-residency/Four-summer Program

Year I
ART 5012ART 5905ART 5811
ART 5102ART 5914
ART 5302
ART 5801
 7 5 5
Year II
ART 5022ART 5925ART 5831
ART 5202ART 5934
ART 5402
ART 5821
 7 5 5
Year III
ART 5841ART 5945ART 5851
ART 6012ART 5954
ART 6102
ART 6902
 7 5 5
Year IV
ART 6023
ART 6203
ART 6953
Total Units: 60