Christ’s College Cooperative M.A. in TESOL Program

The APU/Christ’s College Cooperative Master of Arts in TESOL program offers college graduates in Taiwan the opportunity to earn a 33-unit Master of Arts in TESOL. The cooperative program requires two years, one at Christ’s College and one at APU, and leads one to academic accomplishments equal to those attained by graduates of the on-campus program. Students must be accepted by Christ’s College and Azusa Pacific University before enrolling in any program coursework at APU. During the first year of the cooperative program, students take four TESOL courses (12 units) identical in number, title, and content to four courses offered on the APU campus. During the second year, students take an additional 7 courses (21 units) on the APU campus. Beyond coursework, students must also complete the same additional program requirements as in the on-campus program.