Master of Science in Biotechnology

Course Requirements
BIOT 500Biotechnology Internship3
BIOT 510Commercialization of Technology3
BIOT 511Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, and Toxicology of Biopharmaceutics3
BIOT 512Bioinformatics3
BIOT 513Regulatory Affairs for the Biotechnology Industry3
BIOT 514Advanced Probability and Statistics3
BIOT 515Project Management for the Biotechnology Industry3
BIOT 516Ethics for Biomedical Products Industries3
BIOT 517Clinical Trials3
BIOT 600AMaster’s Degree Project I 13
BIOT 600BMaster’s Degree Project II9
Total Units39

BIOT 600A is taken for 3 units in the fall semester of the second year, and BIOT 600B for 9 units in the spring semester of the second year.