Step 2: Clinical Practice Clearance

The following requirements must be met before any clinical practice experiences can take place:

  • Applications for clinical practice must be submitted to the Office of Student Placements by April 10 for fall term and September 10 for spring term.
  • In addition to the application for clinical practice, students must submit the following to the Office of Student Placements by April 30 for fall term and September 30 for spring term:
    • Posted bachelor’s degree
    • Verification of successful completion of the Basic Skills Requirement
    • TB test that will be current throughout clinical practice
    • Valid Certificate of Clearance or other appropriate CTC-issued document throughout clinical practice
    • Proof of U.S. Constitution coursework or exam
    • Original, passing scores of CSET exams or official verification of completion of a CTC-approved subject-matter program signed by the credential analyst at the California institution of higher education at which the courses were successfully completed (note: CSET subtest exams must be used for credential purposes within 10 years of the individual passing date of each subtest or they expire)
    • Students who have secured a contracted teaching position must submit a copy of their teaching contract for the appropriate school year and a principal letter on school letterhead