Master of Arts in Strategic Communication


Core Courses21
COMM 500Strategic Communication Theory and Practice3
COMM 502Writing and Media Content Development3
COMM 503Research Methods and Analytics [Proposed]3
COMM 504Business and Organizational Fundamentals for Strategic Communication [Proposed]3
COMM 505Ethical, Legal and Social Responsibility in Strategic Communication [Proposed]3
COMM 506Crisis, Risk and Reputation Management [Proposed]3
COMM 590Internship or Practicum [Proposed]3
or COMM 596 Strategic Communication Capstone Project
Choose one of the following:
Strategic Communication Content Development (Skills)
Communication Platforms (Social Media +) [Proposed]
Transmedia Storytelling [Proposed]
Multi-Platform Video Integration [Proposed]
Multi-Media Branding [Proposed]
Strategic Communication Data Analysis
Introduction to Modeling with Probability
Data Visualization
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
Data Mining
Strategic Communication Management and Marketing
Conflict Management and Resolution [Proposed]
Choose 3 of the following:
Managerial Economics
Organizational Development and Change
Marketing Strategy
Strategic Digital Marketing
Total Units33

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this program shall be able to:
  1. Demonstrate mastery of the knowledge, skills, and research appropriate to strategic communication professionals.
  2. Create professional-quality strategic communication materials that meet the needs of a wide variety of diverse communities.
  3. Examine business and organizational fundamentals related to the strategic communication field as well as various for-profit and nonprofit settings.
  4. Produce high-quality multimedia content that demonstrates clarity of writing, mastery of transmedia platforms, and design expertise for a variety of audiences.
  5. Incorporate faith-based decision making, professional ethical standards, and legal foundations in the pursuit of Truth, equity, and fairness in the strategic communication space.