SoulQuest Ministry to Graduate and Professional Students

SoulQuest is the spiritual care ministry of Azusa Pacific University’s graduate and professional programs. It conveys the importance APU places upon the life of every person and an understanding that the journey toward growth and wholeness is a quest that integrates intellectual and spiritual dimensions in the transformation of the soul.

SoulQuest guides graduate and professional students toward a deeper knowledge of God through Jesus Christ with a commitment to:

  1. Make available to every student a personal point of encounter with Jesus Christ and His call to those students.
  2. Provide intentional times and resources that allow students to consider their spiritual journey in an integrated way with their vocational growth.
  3. Convey with clarity the Christ-centered nature of the university’s approach to education from a Christian perspective, with particular concern for transformation of the soul.

Graduate and professional students can participate in SoulQuest through:

  • Regular fellowship events
  • Weekly email contact from a chaplain
  • The Prayer Partners Program
  • Personal connection with a chaplain
  • Learning events
  • Online resources

SoulQuest seeks to bring graduate and professional students to a deeper knowledge of God through Jesus Christ and therefore embraces the diversity of students and faiths in APU’s constituency. While maintaining integrity with regard to the university’s heritage and calling, the chaplains are equally available to respond to the needs of all students in a grace-filled and affirming manner.